Sample Event Schedule


Sample Event Schedule

(can be modified for 1/2 day or longer workshop or retreat settings)

Host a Webinar or DVD event

Host a Live Event

Introduction: (30 min)

Answering our Call:

Yes, Jesus was serious.  He calls believers to make disciples.  This is not just about actively participating in the life of the church.  Disciple-making is more than that.  God calls us to invest into the lives of seekers and other believers just as Jesus did.

The Greatest Investment/Counting the Costs: 

The parable of the pearl of great price reminds us that the Kingdom of God is worth everything we have.  The challenges we face in disciple-making are tiny compared to the great worth of participating in God’s plans for the building of His Kingdom.

A Biblical Model for Disciple-Making from I Thessalonians 2

  • Stage 1:  Transforming our Minds with God’s Love and Grace,       (1 hour)

    serving milk, not meat

Breakout:  What do we do when we meet?

(Break – 15 min. or meal depending on your schedule)

  • Stage 2: Transforming our Lives – Living in God’s Freedom           (1 hour)

Breakout:  Practice a lesson

  • Stage 3: Becoming Transformers: Living a life of ongoing Disciple-making (30 min)

Wrap it up.  (30 min)

Fruits of disciple-making! 

  • Qualities of Disciple-makers – only in Christs’ Strength
  • The Tremendous Blessings of Making Disciples – What have we been waiting for?

Being Forward Focused – Dealing with obstacles.  Practical Tips for Disciple-making. What holds us back from making disciples?

Conclusion:  Have the time of your life!

Evaluation/Plan of Action (10-15 min)



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