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Lessons 1-16 to email and/or print

Lesson 1         Jesus’ Death and Resurrection for Us

Lesson 2         The Gift of Grace

Lesson 3         Our Identity in Christ

Lesson 4         The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 5         The Gift of God’s Word

Lesson 6         The Gift of Prayer: Talking with and Listening to God

Lesson 7         The Body of Christ – the Gift of the Church

Lesson 8         The Gift of Faith

Lesson 9         Accountability

Lesson 10       Brokenness and Justice

Lesson 11       Victory in Spiritual Battles

Lesson 12       Attitude and Behavior Checks

Lesson 13       Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Confronting in Love

Lesson 14       Current Issues – Media, Entertainment, Dating, Etc.

Lesson 15       Sharing the Greatest News

Lesson 16       Becoming Disciple-makers