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Silhouette of the beautiful statue of Christ the Redeemer at sunset in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCatch the Vision 2013

When I look at our world, I am overcome with amazement at the beauty God has made.  When the flowers are blooming, the garden is growing, the monsoons are bringing their rains, the sun is setting on cliffs and mesas, when trees are weighed down with heavy wet snow, when a child snuggles to my side with a whispered, “I love you Dad!”, when I savor a great chili relleno, or a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, or when worship songs lift me into His presence, I think, “this is a small taste of Heaven.”  How can I be so blessed?

Then I am also reminded of the brokenness and pain, I would rather ignore.  When I look into the lonely, desperate eyes of a brother asking for a quarter for the next drink, when foster children come into our home, crying because everything familiar has been ripped away, when I see the lines of men and women along 491 flying a dollar, hoping to get out of the cold or heat just to get home, when I hear a friend has been diagnosed with cancer, another says his marriage is in trouble, a single mom is trying to provide for her family, working day and night for her family.

How can this pain and struggle exist side by side with the amazing beauty we enjoy?  The beauty is no less beautiful, but the pain is almost unbearable.  We live in such a broken world?  God, how can this be?  How can you stand it?  You can’t? That’s why you sent Him, love unbounded, your very own son, to pay, to die for the brokenness that causes such pain.  You shed your very own blood for me that I may experience your forgiveness, your wholeness and seek your plan for my life.

So what is our response?  Jesus lives in us, we are His hands and feet in a hurting and broken world.  We are ambassadors of light, called to share His love.  How do we do that?  It’s how we live our lives, how we work, how we speak, how we offer hope, how we seek His face in worship, how we seek guidance in His Word, how we lead our families and share with those in need.  But even more than that, God has given each of us a special task – to join Him in helping others to grow in our spiritual journey – he called it, making disciples.  Let’s pass our faith on to others significantly.  People are hurting and they just need an invitation “Would you like to get together to help each other grow in our walk with God.”

Catch the Vision 2013:  Sharing Jesus’ Light and Love with a Hurting World!

Brian Kruis

Author of Real Grace: Disciples Making Disciples




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