Host a Workshop in your area:

Bring together men and women in your church or community who want to become active in disciple-making.  We can make this an event to fit your situation.  You can schedule a live event or host a DVD or Webinar workshop, or we can shape this to fit a retreat setting.  To see a sample workshop schedule, click here.



Host a Live Event for a conference or Retreat:

Cost:  Travel for two, Lodging(one room with a host family or at a hotel), Honorarium(worked out with organizations individually)

Host a DVD or Webinar Disciple-making Workshop for your church or city.  This event will be on the market soon.  If you would like to be notified as soon as it is available, send an email to:

For a webinar you will need internet access a projector.


$25  for webinar link or DVD plus shipping and tax.

$12 per registrant for the book plus shipping and tax.

Steps:  1. Set up your date, time and place for event

2. Advertise and have people register.

3. Place order for books to be sent to you at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

4. Place order for webinar link and make sure that it works for you ahead of time.

5. At the end of the event, use the Plan of action/feedback form to help people move forward.  We will provide the Plan of action form for you to make copies if you will send us the feedback portions.












Event Schedule that can be modified for 1/2 day or longer workshop or retreat settings:

Introduction: (30 min)

Answering our Call:

Yes, Jesus was serious.  He calls believers to make disciples.  This is not just about actively participating in the life of the church.  Disciple-making is more than that.  God calls us to invest into the lives of seekers and other believers just as Jesus did.

The Greatest Investment/Counting the Costs: 

The parable of the pearl of great price reminds us that the Kingdom of God is worth everything we have.  The challenges we face in disciple-making are tiny compared to the great worth of participating in God’s plans for the building of His Kingdom.

A Biblical Model for Disciple-Making from I Thessalonians 2

  • Stage 1:  Transforming our Minds with God’s Love and Grace,       (1 hour)

    serving milk, not meat

Breakout:  What do we do when we meet?

(Break – 15 min. or meal depending on your schedule)

  • Stage 2: Transforming our Lives – Living in God’s Freedom           (1 hour)

Breakout:  Practice a lesson

  • Stage 3: Becoming Transformers: Living a life of ongoing Disciple-making (30 min)

Wrap it up.  (30 min)

Fruits of disciple-making! 

  • Qualities of Disciple-makers – only in Christs’ Strength
  • The Tremendous Blessings of Making Disciples – What have we been waiting for?

Being Forward Focused – Dealing with obstacles.  Practical Tips for Disciple-making. What holds us back from making disciples?

Conclusion:  Have the time of your life!

Evaluation/Plan of Action (10-15 min)