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Does God care what we watch, what we see, what we do? He created everything, right? So if it is interesting to me and I enjoy it, what could be wrong with it? We live in a society where it is not too cool to set standards for our lives. There is pressure on kids and parents to allow a lot more “junk” to influence us.

Can I watch that movie? Can I listen to that song? How should I act on a date? What kind of guidelines should I give my children? These are very difficult questions. If we all thought the same way—everything was clearly right or wrong—life would be simpler. Your neighbors down the street, and your brothers and sisters in Christ from church may have very different standards when it comes to media, entertainment and dating. That can make life very difficult. How can Christians who read the same Bible and have the same Spirit believe so differently and how do we deal with each others’ differences?

Here are some important principles to remember when we consider controversial issues.

1. God is interested in unity. We don’t have to let issues that are not spelled out clearly in scripture divide us.
2. Be careful not to offend others. God is very clear about this.
3. God works with people differently when things are not clear in scripture. For example, God may give a mature Christian freedom to read or see something that may be harmful for a new Christian or young person.
4. God doesn’t base right and wrong on our opinions. God does give us guidelines in His Word. We can lay our thoughts and opinions before God and ask Him to lead us as we pray and seek guidance through scripture.

To learn more about what God has to say in his Word about life’s issues, click here.


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