Catch the Vision 2013!!!


Catch the Vision 2013: Sharing Jesus’ Light and Love with a Hurting World!

Focus: Every Church, every believer growing together in relationship with God, equipped to make a significant impact in the world.

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Share the hope we have in Jesus Christ!  How do I get started? It’ very simple but will impact your life forever:

1. Ask a friend or small group to meet with you 45 minutes to 1 hour every week for 16 weeks to grow in your walk with God together.

2. Use the lessons online (no cost) or order group pack of two books for a reduced price.

3. Follow the simple format below each time you meet.  This is not meant to be a book study-rather an exploration of God’s life-changing principles.

When You Meet:

1. Share what has been going on in your lives.

2. Pray together.

3. Briefly discuss ways the last week’s lesson was applied (or not) to your life during the week.

4. Listen to a short 5-8 minute call on the topic for that week with online audio lessons or listen on your phone.

5. Discuss how to apply these truths to our lives.

6. Commit to the time and lesson for the next week.

Once the sixteen lessons are completed, commit to invest in the life of another friend or group with the prayer support of your previous partner(s).  When Christians commit to intentionally re-invest in the lives of others, not only will they be blessed in their spiritual journey, seekers will find Jesus, and leaders will be developed!

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