Audio Lessons


These audio lessons are 5-8 minute lessons that will help you get started in a discussion about the lesson for that day.  These lessons each focus on a key verse for that lesson but are not meant to replace the lesson itself which is full of scripture passages that will help you understand what God says about each topic.  You may either use audio links on your computer or use the link at the bottom of this list to print directions for listening to the lesson over the phone

Introduction to Real grace

Lesson 1:  The Greatest Gift – Jesus Death & Resurrection

Lesson 2:  The Gift of Grace

Lesson 3:  Our Identity in Christ

Lesson 4:  The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 5:  The Gift of God’s Word

Lesson 6:  The Gift of Prayer: Talking with and Listening to God

Lesson 7:  The Body of Christ – The Church

Lesson 8:  The Gift of Faith

Lesson 9:  Accountability

Lesson 10:  Brokenness & Justice

Lesson 11:  Victory in Spiritual Battle

Lesson 12:  Attitude and Behavior Checks

Lesson 13:  Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Confronting in Love

Lesson 14:  Current Issues – Media, Entertainment, Dating, Etc

Lesson 15:  Sharing the Greatest News

Lesson 16:  Becoming Disciple-makers

Instructions for audio phone lessons