About the Author


Author Brian Kruis and his wife Sheila reside just North of Gallup, New Mexico.  They have  five beautiful children(pictured below). Brian grew up as the youngest of nine children.  His parents, Richard and Mae Kruis were missionaries on the Navajo Reservation.  Brian and his wife Sheila met as teachers and Brian served as principal at Zuni Christian Mission School serving the Zuni native people in Zuni, New Mexico.  Brian also served for four years as Executive Director of Cary Christian Center , a Christian Community Development organization in Cary, Mississippi.  Brian then taught math and economics at Rehoboth Christian School for five years where God led him to develop the course of Real Grace to promote disciple-making in the high school.

For the past five years, Brian has been working out of his home helping people improve their health and financial situation with a nutrition science company, Reliv International.  Brian has also been working on the course Real Grace and spending time discipling other men.  Brian has led seminars on Disciple-making at conferences and for churches.  Brian has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

Brian and Sheila are active in foster-parenting and coordinating training and support for adoptive and pre-adoptive families in the Gallup area.  They have been blessed to have five children.

                                                                                     From Left to right:  Amber, Eugene, Ruthann, Elizabeth, and Josiah Kruis