About Real Grace


In our fast-paced society, people are hungry for God and hungry for real friendship.  Many Christians who Brian Kruis, author of Real Grace, has talked with, grew up in the church where they have been “mass discipled”.  In his own spiritual journey Brian had great spiritual mentors, pastors, and youth leaders who all helped him grow in his Christian journey, but he never had been personally discipled and had no idea how to help others grow in their walk with God. Brian wondered“How could I help others grow and follow Jesus’ command if I didn’t know what that looked like?”

Real Grace is a book/course to be used in relationship with others.  Ask a friend or small group to meet with you in person or over the phone for 45 minutes a week for 16 weeks to help each other grow in your walk with God.  Each lesson is packed with scripture, questions and lessons about basic Christian teachings and a short audio lesson to get the discussion started each week.  The course uses a Biblical model of disciple-making laid out in I Thessalonians 2: 6-15 to help believers and seekers:

  • First, understand the transforming power of God’s grace and love “like a mother caring for her little children”.
  • Second, discover how God’s guidelines bring true freedom as a father urges his children to “live lives worthy of God”.
  • Third, learn to live out God’s call in our lives to share Real Grace with others as brothers and sisters willing to share in ministry.


Tanner Hilgar said on the Real Grace facebook page:

“This book is going to help many many people transform the lives of others. I’m super glad to have been able to use this material as it has raised me up spiritually and is now helping those around me because now I’m contagious. Thanks for reaching out to others.”

Kruis’s prayer is that this book and course will draw people into a deeper fellowship with God and man and that Christians will be equipped to make disciples.  Brian is happy to lead workshops and seminars or retreats for churches who want to learn more about using this course.